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Reviews of phosphene

“Phosphene is indeed that unusual and perhaps necessary thing in poetry, a successful experiment. Whether it counts as “non-fiction” is probably not the issue. It certainly sounds authentic.”
~ Geoff Page, Sydney Morning Herald


phosphene evokes the concern for illuminating what has been erased due to centuries of colonisation and imperialism, specifically for the Latin American peoples. More generally, the title refers to the concept of awareness and the act of taking the time to look deeper in order to acknowledge complex histories.”
~ Autumn Royal, Southerly


“Taken as a whole, phosphene is a wild, open landscape with features that only gradually become familiar. Finishing a first reading, we find hints of this expansive, quiet world, but the full picture isn’t clear. This is a space that invites many repeat visits. It’s with each subsequent reading that phosphene rewards us.”
~ Alice Allan, Cordite Poetry Review