Obsession Possession

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz


Obsession Possession is a book dedicated ‘To all those moments of not being yourself’. Subtitled ‘A Lilliput Mash-Up’, this collaged collection is pieced together with pages from animal physiology books, bedside stories, magazines and charts. With each cut and copy Batiz re-invents the original text. These new versions tell the tales of forgotten b-sides including, ‘Trapped!: An Interior Monologue by The Man In The Middle’; ‘The Kingpin’; ‘King Truth’ and ‘What It Feels Like to Fall’. What started out as a Sunday with scissors became an obsession, this subliminal subplot is the result.

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Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz


Migration – art paper on board, 2011


Sipping milk and mercury

beneath a dragnet of constellations.

White paper wings of

stars shifting above this dark cantina.


Blood Haiku & Burrow (MCA zines)

Space & Place – Paula do Prado – www.pradomarin.com.au


I had a CRUSH on a guy who wore sandals – Erin

Blood Haiku – Mandy Beaumont

You – Luke You

Siren Song To The City – Fayroze – www.fayrozel.com

Below Tree Level – Benny Walter and Leigh Rigozzi

Burrow – Rabbit Hole

Lazy Suzy

The Strange

The Strange – visual poetry by Tess Calopedos


These visual poems were uncovered and coloured by a student in the Creative Writing course at UNSW. I noticed Tess circling pages after a lecture on the possibilities of visual poetry which included works from Tom Phillips, Ntozake Shange, Shin Yu PaiSandra Huber’s Sleep/Writing/Room, Jas H. Duke, James Stuart’s The Material Poem, and comics poetry by Dino Buzzati, Kenneth Koch, Warren Craghead, Matt Madden, Bianca Stone and Michael Farrell.


Nine of wands

Nine of wands – Kyto comics poetry


Swamp- texta, japanese stone ink

A handful of dead intentions

Been collecting weeds a while now:

heart-seed vine,  devi’s claw

cane needle, rope cactus

dog rose, prickly pear

fireweed, foxglove

elephant’s foot and spiny emex


hornwort, knotweed

Koster’s curse,

ox-eyed daisy, poison ivy

musk grass, mother of millions



ragwort, smutgrass,

snake weed, star thistle,

sweet briar

three-horned bedstraw

unicorn plant,

viper’s bugloss, wild radish

yellow oleander.





Kyto sketch

Skye O'Shea – Kyto comics sketch