Waking in the Dead Wood

waking in the dead wood

A performance collaboration by Tamara Elkins and Guillermo Batiz based on the character of Kalita created by writer Tamryn Bennett. This improvisation and response piece between dancer and musician will be performed to coincide with a film and text installation. The character Kalita keeps the codex of all memories. She is a shape-shifter and spider, a secret keeper.  Kalita is everything and nothing we can remember.

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As part of this pop-up exhibit, a web of words and white strings has been created. The performance will take place in this space, exploring the malfunction of time and memory, the fragmented record keeping that is the human brain.

Thursday 23rd June, 7pm

Globe Lane, Wollongong

quipu recall





These walls

these walls – Trafalga Street, Enmore

No means

of telling how long

I’ve been here. Walls

will not recall

the years they’ve kept.


My name has been scratched,

forgotten from records.

Though the genius who could

has long left

the Dead Wood.


I memorised

how each street looked

before fire felled them

and artists started

sketching with blood.


The empire of dead


is asleep. Salt snows

silent as ashes

on rooftops across Scarlett Hollow.


I climb

towards the highest window,

a shattered (broken) kaleidoscope,

webbed again

by spiders’ design.


Up here

I unhook rusted stars,

recite the city’s last rites,

wet rosary of tongue warning:

Beware of muses.

Muses beware.



these walls – Trafalga Street, Enmore


Kurage – ink and watercolour, 2011