Remembering is not seeing

Remembering is not seeing, 2011, pencil, paper


Plucking air

with each breath,

the fire-eater’s night

parade. An electric

lullaby, light serenade

leaves no trace.


‘Remembering is not seeing.’


Spectrums torn

loose, lost to

frozen puddles.

Broken pillar of wing

discovers flight

in dream.




Skye O'Shea – Evening – Watercolour on fine art paper, 2011

Kalita Diary – Flinders Lane Gallery

Artist Jackie Cavallaro – Author Tamryn Bennett – The Empire of Dead Intention – paper cut and mixed media


The Empire of Dead Intention is comics poetry collaboration between visual artist Jackie Cavallaro and poet Tamryn Bennett. It takes the forms of a diary, 3-dimensional boxes and is also connected to the larger comics poetry work Aneki.  Kalita is Memory, the mother of muses and mystery. She is a shape-shifter, simultaneously goddess, child and crone. The poem below informs some of the imagery within Jackie’s paper cuts and boxes.

These works are currently exhibited at Flinders Lane Gallery 28th June – 16 July, 2011.


Jackie Cavallaro – Beauty Was Born Before Reason – paper cut and mixed media framed 55 x 35

I’m the Mata Hari

and Venus,


and Beatrice.


The Mother of


Your shape-shifter,

atom split.


Child and crone

I codex creation.

Mind myth and marrow,

with spider patience.


I’m the cocaine temptress,

your Holiest whore.

I’m Rahab and Madness,

A Mistress of war.


I’m your Vendetta,


A weakness,

waiting on high.


I’m Victory,

your absinthe bride.

A Jackknife Queen,

the whitest lie.


I’m Kalita,

your Memory.

I’m all you’ve got

when the heat is gone.


Jackie Cavallaro – Blood Drips At The Rate of Blossom Fall , Five Centimers Per Second – 55 x 35cm paper cut and mixed media