The Picnic Witch

Since Roald Dahl wrote of witches trapping girls inside of paintings I’ve thought of art and sourcery as somehow connected. The slow alchemy of spells, the layers of paint, the process of both forms. Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo conjure a similar sense of magic in their canvases, sketches and sculpture. As does Tamara Elkins, the current ‘witch-in-residence’, at The Red Room Company’s ‘Clubhouse’. As part of the residency ‘she sits in her den recording images of the past present and future, fragments of her own memory, the visual mathematics for deciphering the unanswerable.’ This den has been transformed into a maze, sea urchans, webs, weeds and objects now hang from a netted canopy akin to the installations of Cecilia Vicuna.

See Tamara 11-2pm every Sunday for Sunday Shrines or at the Verte II: film picnic,  The Red Room ‘Clubhouse’ 77 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

Tamara Elkins – artist in residence -image courtesy of Nina Berry

Tamara Elkins – artist in residence

Tamara Elkins – artist in residence

Tamara Elkins – Sunday Shrines Series

Aneki – Tarot preview

Skye O'Shea, 'Cerius', pencil, ink, mixed media

A little glimpse of the works in process for our comics poetry collaboration, Aneki. Over the next few months the final touches on the Aneki Tarot will be made by Skye O’Shea, Jackie Cavallaro, Tamara Elkins, myself and Miss Anastasia. Keep an eye out for previews.

Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

It’s almost a year ago since I met the talented Miss Bianca Stone. This is a glimpse of the poetry comics she’s creating.

Bianca Stone is a Brooklyn-based poet, artist and publisher. Her site Poetry Comics explores the relationship between poetry and visual art–visual art that often times employs the use of panels and other comic-book attributes.  She’s is the author of the chapbook Someone Else’s Wedding Vows from Argos Books (2010) and is also co-editor of the small press Monk Books. Her current work includes a collaborative book with Anne Carson called Antigonick (New Directions, 2012). Her recent publications include Crazyhorse, The Green Mountain Review, Agriculture Reader, Conduit, and Best American Poetry 2011.

Visit her sketched lands here and here and here


Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

Bianca Stone – 'Lamp covered in cherubs…'

Bianca Stone – The World

Bianca Stone – Laugh More, page one

Summer somwehere

summer somewhere

Silver polish, this sky and Sunday. The years between six and eight were coloured this way, tasting of tarnish, battery acid blood, the bike riding accident, your tongue in two. Her face is nowhere in the photographs, just a shadow holding a hand to someone’s mouth. It’s summer somewhere, keep sleeping.


Alexander Rothman -'Magnolias: What Spring Has' from Circulating Drafts


Alexander Rothman’s Versequential site is full of poetry comics and sketches by the artist and fellow cartoonist Andrea Tsurumi.

These pages are from the ‘Magnolias: What Spring Has’ an extracted poetry comic from the collection Circulating Drafts.

He says ‘[t]he goal with Versequential is to to achieve a real synthesis, something propelled by both verbal and visual rhythm, that needs all its parts to work. Every attempt is made to avoid having pictures that illustrate written poems, or captions that explain the images in the panels.’

Here, the pink bellied magnolias have forgotten their leaves, their green paint kept somewhere ‘in the glass case of the mind.’

Alexander Rothman -'Magnolias: What Spring Has' from Circulating Drafts

Alexander Rothman – 'Magnolias: What Spring Has' from Circulating Drafts.