specimen #16

Jackie Cavallaro – specimen#16, 2011 coloured pencil, gouache, spray paint on Arches paper.


 Jackie’s work makes me sure of shared dreamings and that the word ‘layerous’ in a inevitable addition to language.

A menagerie of moth

corpses lined studio walls.

Specimen #16

the contents of her stomach:

fingernails and gin

Insect wings pinned

in glass domes.

Celluloid limbs,

chandelier pendants.

A box marked


Specimen #35

                                          found after fire:

molar and bone

A shrine for the small

and broken.

(from Aneki)

Jackie Cavallaro’s miniature worlds explore body, mind, and memory. Born out of extended periods practicing mindfulness, her works resonate with memories, which thread from one moment to the next as with the serendipitous flow of life itself. Utilising paper cutting and mixed media, she creates ornate and fantastical multi-layered pastiches of classicism and gothic sensibility.’

‘All that we have felt, thought and willed from our earliest infancy is there, leaning over the present which is about to join it, pressing against the portals of consciousness that would fain leave it outside.’ Henri Bergson