Aneki exhibition

Echo – Skye O'Shea, 2011

New Aneki works and poems.

Sinking Ship Studios

307 Crown St, Wollongong

Launch Thursday, November 3 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Part of Viva La Gong’s Pop-up art trail,

the exhibition features local poets and artists

responding collaboratively to each others’ work.

Including Skye O’Shea, Jackie Cavallaro, Tamara Elkins and Anastasia McCloghry

Open November 3rd-14th

Chants and Equations # I – Skye O'Shea, 2011

Chants and Equations # II – Skye O'Shea, 2011

Letters from the Bird Man

Letters from the Bird Man

It was a question asked three years ago.

And last week the answer arrived.

There’s something so special about receiving letters,

the shapes another hand has coiled on the page.

The way their words still time, if only

for the length of the page.