Eden III

Eden III –

Eden II

Eden III – ink, pencil, watercolour


Eden II – ink, pencil, watercolour, 2012


hip hip…

Slo Mo Mexico

luna lazing


Super moon

makes Sunday slo motion.

Mexico City streets

…eye-white sky-light white-light district of lunar lusts 

Stellectric signs “Wing shows on Starway” “Zodiac carrousel”

Mina Loy’s ghost is

two doors down,

drunk on memory

…crusaders from hallucinatory citadels of shattered glass

into evacuate craters A flock of dreams browse on Necropolis

The horizon

blank as pages that know

there is no return.

En el museo de los sueños

a hunting we will go…

They visit every Sunday,

the shadows of the sleeping.

Blankets of dust

blown like purple sands.

Yaqui battle drums

summon dreamers,

the desert war begins.

Nothing frightens those

who have lost everything.




Desert days

Sonora sunset

Night riding across Sonoran Desert to land in Hermosillo heat. We wind hills as the cracked mirror of desert reflects impossible pink. This is Yaqui land. The sand remembers songs and sun and those who danced all night, waiting for the dawn.

 ‘Son los partadous de las flores del sonido de la tierra el dia de la danza ha lliguado a mi’ – Coyote Iguana.