phosphene – Rabbit Poet Series

phosphene - Rabbit Poet Series

phosphene – Rabbit Poet Series

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phosphene book launch

Beyond suns and moons excited to announce the launch of my first book phosphene.

The book is inspired by a series of offerings weaving poems and plants that began in
Mexico and took root in Australia thanks to the Rabbit Poets Series.
Hope to celebrate with you at 2pm Saturday 7th May at Wollongong Art Gallery. 

Phosphene book launch invite - Tamryn Bennett

Comics Poetry: The Art of the Possible

Comics Poetry: The Art of The Possible

New article “Comics Poetry: The Art of The Possible in Cordite Scholarly!!  

Beneath the Cathedral

Jackie Cavallaro and Tamryn Bennett - Beneath the Cathedral, 2014

Jackie Cavallaro and Tamryn Bennett – Beneath the Cathedral, 2014

New poems from our ‘Beneath the Cathedral’ collaboration published in Cordite.
This work is also part of the  Collected, Connected & Cut artist book exhibition.
Where: Panizzi Room, UOW Library
Open: 11 April to 8 May, 10am – 4pm.

Diorama artist video

[vimeo 71474394 w= 500&h=280]

Filmed and directed by Ashley Frost, this piece interviews artists about their works collected in the ‘Diorama’ exhibition  curated by Louise Joy Brand at Wollongong City Gallery. The exhibition is open from July – November 2013 and features works by Kate Rhode, Stephen Benwell as well as recent collaborations by Jacqueline Cavallaro and myself. Take a look… 

Postcards and Polaroids

Postcards and Polaroids – Tamryn Bennett


Postcards and Polaroids is a correspondence in dream between two friends who  send each other notes from corners of their subconscious.


Secretos de la Ciudad – Secrets of the City – Comics Poetry workshops, Mexico City

image by Pachiclon

Secretos de la Ciudad/ Secrets of the City

Facilitadores/ Facilitators: Rafael Rodríguez Rivera “Pachiclón” y Alejandro Mole
Horario/ Hours: Sesiones todos los viernes, 11:00-16:00 hrs. (Sessions every Friday, 11:00-16:00 hrs).
Inicia/ Start: Viernes 2 de noviembre
Finaliza/ Finish: Viernes 30 de noviembre
Cierre de inscripciones/Closing date for workshop applications: Miércoles 31 de octubre

Talleres/ Worshops:
A través de dinámicas de dibujo y de escritura, los participantes desarrollarán  obras originales que serán parte de una edición digital de Comics Poetry, género literario nuevo que combina la imagen y el texto para expresar ideas, sentimientos, etc. El tema que se abordará es el de la ciudad que brota de lo invisible, lo olvidado y lo imaginado. El trabajo será dirigido por un ilustrador y un escritor pop. Los participantes sólo pueden asistir a una sesión. Cada una tendrá un cupo de 6 personas y se dividirán en dos grupos para tener la oportunidad de trabajar con ambos facilitadores.

Through dynamic drawing and writing, participants will develop original works that will be part of an edition of Poetry Comics, new literary genre that combines image and text to express ideas, feelings, etc.. The issue to be addressed is the city that springs from the invisible, the forgotten and the imagined. The work will be led by a pop illustrator and writer. Participants may only attend one session. Each will have a quota of 6 people and divided into two groups to have the opportunity to work with two facilitators.

En todas las sesiones Memo y Tamryn introducirán al proyecto Secretos de la Ciudad; “Pachiclón” y “Tu mero mole” hablarán de sus prácticas y experiencias; el grupo discutirá qué es el secreto de una ciudad, cómo puede ser creado y dónde pueden estar los secretos ocultos.

In all sessions Memo and introduce the project Tamryn Secrets of the City, “Pachiclón” and “Tu mere mole” talk about their practices and experiences, the group will discuss what is the secret of a city, how it can be created and where may be the hidden secrets.

Temas a desarrollar por sesión/ Topics to be developed by session:

1. Lugar/ Place
2. Gente/ People
3. Objetos/ Objects
4. Relatos/ Stories
5. Eventos/ Events

Dirigido a/ Target audience:
Personas que estén interesadas en ampliar su creatividad y en contar historias a través de un género nuevo (Comics Poetry) que les permita expresarse con elementos textuales y visuales.

People who are interested in expanding their creativity and storytelling through a new genre (Poetry Comics) that allows them to express textual and visual elements.

Requisitos/ Requirements:
Enviar breve semblanza (máximo 10 líneas) y carta motivos a talleres.ccd@conaculta.gob.mxindicando a cuál de las 5 sesiones desea asistir.

Send brief biography (maximum 10 lines) and letter motifs talleres.ccd @ indicating which of the 5 sessions to attend.

Kalita Diary – Flinders Lane Gallery

Artist Jackie Cavallaro – Author Tamryn Bennett – The Empire of Dead Intention – paper cut and mixed media


The Empire of Dead Intention is comics poetry collaboration between visual artist Jackie Cavallaro and poet Tamryn Bennett. It takes the forms of a diary, 3-dimensional boxes and is also connected to the larger comics poetry work Aneki.  Kalita is Memory, the mother of muses and mystery. She is a shape-shifter, simultaneously goddess, child and crone. The poem below informs some of the imagery within Jackie’s paper cuts and boxes.

These works are currently exhibited at Flinders Lane Gallery 28th June – 16 July, 2011.


Jackie Cavallaro – Beauty Was Born Before Reason – paper cut and mixed media framed 55 x 35

I’m the Mata Hari

and Venus,


and Beatrice.


The Mother of


Your shape-shifter,

atom split.


Child and crone

I codex creation.

Mind myth and marrow,

with spider patience.


I’m the cocaine temptress,

your Holiest whore.

I’m Rahab and Madness,

A Mistress of war.


I’m your Vendetta,


A weakness,

waiting on high.


I’m Victory,

your absinthe bride.

A Jackknife Queen,

the whitest lie.


I’m Kalita,

your Memory.

I’m all you’ve got

when the heat is gone.


Jackie Cavallaro – Blood Drips At The Rate of Blossom Fall , Five Centimers Per Second – 55 x 35cm paper cut and mixed media

Obsession Possession

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz


Obsession Possession is a book dedicated ‘To all those moments of not being yourself’. Subtitled ‘A Lilliput Mash-Up’, this collaged collection is pieced together with pages from animal physiology books, bedside stories, magazines and charts. With each cut and copy Batiz re-invents the original text. These new versions tell the tales of forgotten b-sides including, ‘Trapped!: An Interior Monologue by The Man In The Middle’; ‘The Kingpin’; ‘King Truth’ and ‘What It Feels Like to Fall’. What started out as a Sunday with scissors became an obsession, this subliminal subplot is the result.

To buy a hand-bound copy vist the store.

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz

Obsession Possession – Guillermo Batiz