phosphene book launch

Beyond suns and moons excited to announce the launch of my first book phosphene.

The book is inspired by a series of offerings weaving poems and plants that began in
Mexico and took root in Australia thanks to the Rabbit Poets Series.
Hope to celebrate with you at 2pm Saturday 7th May at Wollongong Art Gallery. 

Phosphene book launch invite - Tamryn Bennett

Comics Poetry: The Art of the Possible

Comics Poetry: The Art of The Possible

New article “Comics Poetry: The Art of The Possible in Cordite Scholarly!!  

Comics Poetry: Praxis and Pedagogy

fig 1 - Pachiclon - Promotional Poster copy

*#@! New paper about our comics poetry workshops out in ImageText!!


Connecting Comics and Poetry on THEthe Poetry

Aneki Tarot  – Ace of Wands – Tamryn Bennett & Skye O’Shea


New Comics Poetry article featuring images from the the ANEKI Tarot is now online at THEthe Poetry. Check it out!

Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

It’s almost a year ago since I met the talented Miss Bianca Stone. This is a glimpse of the poetry comics she’s creating.

Bianca Stone is a Brooklyn-based poet, artist and publisher. Her site Poetry Comics explores the relationship between poetry and visual art–visual art that often times employs the use of panels and other comic-book attributes.  She’s is the author of the chapbook Someone Else’s Wedding Vows from Argos Books (2010) and is also co-editor of the small press Monk Books. Her current work includes a collaborative book with Anne Carson called Antigonick (New Directions, 2012). Her recent publications include Crazyhorse, The Green Mountain Review, Agriculture Reader, Conduit, and Best American Poetry 2011.

Visit her sketched lands here and here and here


Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

Bianca Stone – part of a longer piece

Bianca Stone – 'Lamp covered in cherubs…'

Bianca Stone – The World

Bianca Stone – Laugh More, page one

Kalita Diary – Flinders Lane Gallery

Artist Jackie Cavallaro – Author Tamryn Bennett – The Empire of Dead Intention – paper cut and mixed media


The Empire of Dead Intention is comics poetry collaboration between visual artist Jackie Cavallaro and poet Tamryn Bennett. It takes the forms of a diary, 3-dimensional boxes and is also connected to the larger comics poetry work Aneki.  Kalita is Memory, the mother of muses and mystery. She is a shape-shifter, simultaneously goddess, child and crone. The poem below informs some of the imagery within Jackie’s paper cuts and boxes.

These works are currently exhibited at Flinders Lane Gallery 28th June – 16 July, 2011.


Jackie Cavallaro – Beauty Was Born Before Reason – paper cut and mixed media framed 55 x 35

I’m the Mata Hari

and Venus,


and Beatrice.


The Mother of


Your shape-shifter,

atom split.


Child and crone

I codex creation.

Mind myth and marrow,

with spider patience.


I’m the cocaine temptress,

your Holiest whore.

I’m Rahab and Madness,

A Mistress of war.


I’m your Vendetta,


A weakness,

waiting on high.


I’m Victory,

your absinthe bride.

A Jackknife Queen,

the whitest lie.


I’m Kalita,

your Memory.

I’m all you’ve got

when the heat is gone.


Jackie Cavallaro – Blood Drips At The Rate of Blossom Fall , Five Centimers Per Second – 55 x 35cm paper cut and mixed media

The Strange

The Strange – visual poetry by Tess Calopedos


These visual poems were uncovered and coloured by a student in the Creative Writing course at UNSW. I noticed Tess circling pages after a lecture on the possibilities of visual poetry which included works from Tom Phillips, Ntozake Shange, Shin Yu PaiSandra Huber’s Sleep/Writing/Room, Jas H. Duke, James Stuart’s The Material Poem, and comics poetry by Dino Buzzati, Kenneth Koch, Warren Craghead, Matt Madden, Bianca Stone and Michael Farrell.