phosphene book launch

Beyond suns and moons excited to announce the launch of my first book phosphene.

The book is inspired by a series of offerings weaving poems and plants that began in
Mexico and took root in Australia thanks to the Rabbit Poets Series.
Hope to celebrate with you at 2pm Saturday 7th May at Wollongong Art Gallery. 

Phosphene book launch invite - Tamryn Bennett

Bundanon Trust – artist residency

In December we headed south to Bundanon Trust for a ‘plant symphony‘ residency. The recordings will form part of an immersive installation called ‘phosphene’ in 2016. Listen to the leaves, river and the lyrebirds.

Plant Symphony - sound lab

Plant Symphony – sound lab

beasty godiva – nu-romantics

Beasty Godiva NWLA


NWLA compilation featuring new music from Beasty Godiva (a.k.a donMoy)